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Advisory Board

The Plastics & Climate Project benefits from the input of advisory board members who ensure the scientific integrity of the Project's work, and provide strategic advice.  The Advisory Board also enables people and institutions engaged in complementary issues to add value to each other's work. Members include individuals and representatives of organizations (non-governmental, and research and policy agencies and institutions) conducting relevant research, policy, and community work. Founding members to date include:

  • Dr. Kara Lavender Law - Research professor of oceanography, Sea Education Association; research areas include ocean circulation, distribution of marine plastic debris, and degradation and fate of plastics in the ocean

  • Dr. Karen Raubenheimer - Key architect of the UN global plastics treaty research and   proposal, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security, University of Wollongong; co-author Climate Impact of Plastics​, GRID-Arendal, 2024

  • Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer - Oceanographer, research scientist at the Center for Marine Debris   Research at Hawaii Pacific University; one of the first scientists to discover that plastic emits   greenhouse gases when exposed to sunlight

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