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This list of papers will continue to grow as we conduct the literature review, and will become a public repository of resources on climate-relevant plastic impacts. This sampling of papers is grouped into the three major categories of impacts. 

Climate Impact #1:
Emissions of greenhouse gases and black carbon from the plastics lifecycle

Plastic lifecycle by Chris Boutillier.jpg

Greenhouse gas emissions from industry. Photo credit Roxanne Desgagnes on Unsplash

The following documents help identify and quantify the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions (including methane and ethylene) and black carbon across the lifecycle of plastics, from fossil fuel extraction to end-of-useful-life treatment or degradation in the environment. 



Climate Impact #2:
The impact of plastics on carbon cycling including sequestration

Microplastics in zooplankton. Photo credit Cole et al. 

These documents help identify and quantify the climate-relevant impacts of plastics on carbon cycling, including on carbon fluxes, sources, and sinks.

Climate Impact #3:
The impact of plastics on the Earth's radiation budget

Ocean albedo by Roxanne Desgagnes.jpg

Ice cover and atmospheric aerosols affect the Earth's radiation budget. Photo credit Chris Boutillier on Unsplash

These resources investigate the changes in Earth surface albedo, direct aerosol effects, and/or indirect aerosol effects due to environmental plastics

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